Acrylic Painting/English Calligraphy

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What is Calligraphy?

The word Calligraphy is derived from the Greek Kallegraphe, meaning beautiful writing. An expression to define each letter in a most fascinating way.

Creativity comes from anywhere how you express your creativity matters.

For Beginner- The English lettering is different types fonts are composed of thick and thick strokes. This letter may be vertical or slant position. Very important to know the basic shapes the anatomy and structure of the alphabet. The most important factor is how to hold a pen in 45-degree angle.The practice of calligraphy will help you to provide a freedom of expression and makes one better able to appreciate your own artwork.  It will repay in full the time you give to it.

Workshop Description: We start with pattern, strokes and description of different styles of lettering.

Different Types of Calligraphy

  • Cursive
  • Roman (Simple Letters)
  • Humanistic
  • Italic
  • Gothic
  • Old English
  • Modern English (Brush Calligraphy)

Cursive Writing

Cursive Writing is plain but free It is joined – up and faster to write. The faster these hands are written the more the writer’s individuality will show. The borderline between informal lettering and handwriting is difficult to define.

 Roman Letter

Roman Letters are very classic popular for its simplicity, legibility and ideal proportion. The style of Roman writing approach to perfection dignified and  steady.

Humanistic and Italic Script

Italic letter has a slanting position but this may be written vertically. Italic is accepted globally. This style stands significant gesture in advertisement especially for the abstract ideas of elegance, femininity, and grace.

Gothic and Old English

Its angular Square cut end round form enter blackness thick and thin appearance. It’s come from Western European. It defines its size, space, and flow.

 Modern Calligraphy

It is played with brush pens.It’s difficult to explain but it follows no rules like traditional calligraphy. It brings fun and joy to the viewers and writing calligraphy.

Material Use for Calligraphy

  • Drawing Book A4 Size,4 lines paper, Graph Book
  • Calligraphy Marker
  • Calligraphy Pen
  • Sketch Pen
  • Cut Nib
  • Bamboo Stick
  • Ink /Ink Filler / Cartridge
  • Pencil, Rubber, Ruler

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration is required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered for and paid for.
3. Makeup classes are provided and refunds are issued only if the art center cancels any lessons


Pari Sagar

Course Session

Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (3hrs)

Day / Time

Saturday(2:00-4:00pm). Monday(10:00am-1:00pm), Tuesday(6:30-9:30pm), Thursday(10:00am-1:00pm)


8 Weeks


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