Nahida Beshara

Nahida Beshara, Lebanese Artist, and instructor

Nahida Beshara began her journey in her native country Beirut-Lebanon, studying Fine Arts at the Lebanese university and discovering various multitudes of art. As it peaked her interest, she continued her studies of Fine Arts & Art history in the UK, Florence and the US, taking in the magic they each had to offer.

She finds herself drawn to the renaissance and baroque’s classical portrait and figure painting, modern and classical still life and landscapes. She joined the Dubai International Art centre as a member in 1994, and as an instructor in 1999, finding passion in sharing, educating, and enabling students to move forward with their skills.

Nahida remains true to her third and adopted home ‘Florence’ and visits annually to soak up a little more art, culture and discover the future of art with her fellow artists.

Instagram: @nahidaartstudio

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