Fashion Design & Illustration

د.إ 2,550.00

Want to become a Fashion Designer ?

This course is for those who strive to express themselves in the world of modern design with unique and creative ideas.

The duration of 12 weeks is a comprehensive course of fashion with the core objective of learning design and being able to express ones creativity.

The course includes learning to draw figures and garments.

The student would learn simple methods of the techniques and theory of garment design and construction.

Valuable knowledge is imparted through short lectures and visual aids in every class.

All you need is a passion for fashion!

Week 1 – A short lecture on the industry of fashion and design.

– Learning to draw the front figure and details.

Week 2 – Drawing the 3 quarter figures and details.

– Design exercises

Week 3 – Profile and back figure.

– Garment drawing exercises.

Week 4 – Garment details and exercises.

Week 5 – Rendering fabrics like lace, denim, silk, satin, leather, fur,   sheers etc.

– Design and garment exercises.

Week 6 – Garment details like necks and collars, assignments, and exercises.

Week 7 – Garment details like sleeves and assignments exercises.

Week 8 – Learning different silhouettes for designing garments and exercises.

Week 9 – Learning skirts and styling exercises.

Week 10 – Learning trousers and styling exercises.

Week 11 Learning the basics of portfolio and how to design with inspiration. A field trip to the cloth shops to learn about fabrics can be arranged.

Week 12 – Final Presentation of collection and portfolio


Sketchbook for drawing. A3 or A4 size.

Mechanical pencil or HB pencil. Eraser and sharpener.

12-inch ruler.

Tracing pad

Colour pencils

Marker pad and marker pens (can be bought later)


Diyali Bhalla

Course Session

Saturday or Monday (3hrs)

Day / Time

Saturday(10:00am-1:00pm) or Monday (10:00am-1:00pm)


12 weeks


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