Watercolour for Beginners & Intermediate

د.إ 1,480.00

This course will introduce you to the excitement and joy of painting with watercolours. You will be learning the basics:  how to mix colours, various materials/techniques, choosing simple subjects & to further simplify, different paper characteristics, paints and brushes.


Course Outline:

Each week there will be a short discussion about materials and a demo.

You will learn how to simplify subject, lay washes, explore different techniques such as wet-in-wet, wet on dry, dry brush and the use of masking fluid, wax, salt etc.


Materials Required:

1 Pad of Sketching Paper

1 Pad Watercolour Paper 140 lbs/300 gsm, A3 (10inch x 7 inch/25.5 x 18cm)

Board (wooden/plexiglass) – size: half sheet 38x56cm (or slightly bigger than the size of your paper)

A white butchers plate or palette with large wells

Synthetic/Natural Hair Brushes: No.7 Round Brush, No.10 Round Brush, 1/2inch Flat Brush, No.2 Rigger Sable

1 pencil (2B), 1 Soft Putty Rubber

Indian Ink, Willow Charcoal Sticks, thick graphite sticks

Cotton rag, Tissues, Household Sponge, and two jars to use as water containers


Paints in Tubes (preferably):  Alizarin Crimson(cool red), Cadmium Red(warm red), French Ultramarine(cool blue), Cobalt Blue(warm blue), Cadmium Yellow(cool yellow), Yellow Ochre(warm yellow), Burnt Sienna(earth colour), Burnt Umber(earth colour), Paynes Grey, Sap Green (suggested brands: Winsor&Newton, Schminke, VanGogh, Rembrandt, Camlin, Russian-White Nights).


Beena Samuel

Course Session

Monday (3hrs)

Day / Time

Monday (10:00-1:00pm)


8 Weeks


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