Stone Carving

د.إ 2,950.00

”Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculpture to discover it.”

The stone was used since the beginning of mankind for various reasons: from decorative, representative portraits and statues of famous figures or functional purposes as well as structural elements in construction.

Stone might vary in colour, crystals, and density, allowing different kinds of finishes using both hand tools and power ones.

This class is designed for beginners and intermediate students. It will give you an idea about basic (fundamentals) notions in stone carving, particularly in direct carving.

Materials and tools must be brought in by the student:

  • Paper (sketchbook): size A3
  • Apron (hard cotton or resistant material)
  • Gym or gardening gloves (preferable leather or synthetic not rubber neither vinyl)
  • mask
  • Safety goggles (comfortable)
  • 1 pc. 2” hard brush (for cleaning)
  • bath towel (cushion for the carved piece)

Materials and tools included in the course fee:

  • wooden mallet and a 1kg steel hammer
  • set of stone carving chisels (six maximum – any request above this will be charged)
  • rasp(1pc.)
  • piece 1 sandstone block 30 X 40 X 10 cm any other dimensions if available by request will be subject to additional charges

General advice:

Contact the instructor beforehand the session starts, do not pop in without notice or discussion.

It is advisable to come with a scale model as an alternative soft material will be made at a scale 1/1, the same will be transferred in stone and followed. As a prerequisite, and for confidence, it is good to have clay modeling experience, but not mandatory.

There are tools that might be temporarily lent by the student during the class and return in good condition by the end of it.

The class covers the following major points:

  • Discussion of stone types and properties, selection of the material will be taken part in the beginning and on the go.
  • Selection and design of carving/ sculpture; beginners are strongly encouraged to work towards the abstract shape or pattern.
  • Discussion of the issues that stone presents to the artist. Natural flaws, inclusions, density, and hardness changes, and even color changes can (and should) be considered by the artist as the sculpture progresses.
  • Initial shaping of your stone with hammer & chisel, and other hand tools. This will include instruction in the proper use and maintenance of the tools to achieve the desired results.
  • Final shaping of stone carving with rasps (called rifflers by the pros for some unknown reason) and other “file-like” objects. Again, instruction in the tools is provided.
  • Polishing with dry and wet sandpaper. Discussion of additional polishing techniques may be presented as well.

Safety:        Sandals or slippers are not allowed in the class, as well as thin clothing.




Toma Gabor

Course Session

Monday (3 Hour)

Day / Time

Monday ( 3:00-6:00pm / 6:00-9:00pm)


6 Weeks

Material Fee



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