Still Life Painting

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Painting and drawing are personal experiences, and art is a celebration of emotion, senses, and passion. But artists also have to master fundamental skills such as composition, movement, and lighting. This course provides the flexibility for the students to work with any medium of their choice. During this time students will learn how to set up a still life, create ideal lighting, and formulate an approach to the drawing while balancing color and composition.  Throughout this class students will gain a better understanding of movement, light and shape.  The instructor will work with students as a group, as well as provide individual critiques and guidance.

Course Description: All levels of students will be taught using either oil paints or pastels. These courses will focus on preparation of canvas, use of oil mediums and techniques using oil paints/pastels. Setting up a composition, studying and understanding the composition with the effect of light source and colour, this will help train the eye and develop the student’s understanding of what they wish to depict in their work. Basically assisting students in the process of discovery.

Materials for oil painting: Several small canvases, whatever oil paints and brushes you possess and oil painting medium and palette. If you have no materials, I will provide you with a limited list of colours which will start you. I would like to provide information on brushes after I see your painting style. A small sketch pad, pencil and eraser.

Materials for pastels: A medium size pastel pad or sheets of paper. Hard pastels—recommended NuPastels. A small sketch pad, pencil and eraser. Please bring what you have and let me guide you from there.

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration is required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered for and paid for.
3. Makeup classes are provided and refunds are issued only if the art center cancels any lessons.


Mussy Hadi

Course Session

Thursday (3hrs)

Day / Time

Thursday (9:30am – 12:30pm)


8 Weeks


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